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The Story of Tinka

To many “Tinkabell” is an unusual choice for restaurant name. Let me put all the curiosity to rest. I named the restaurant after a very special lady who had a heart of gold & whose door was always opened to everyone from all walks of life. Unfortunately she is no longer with us, but her memory lives on. That special lady was my Grandmother, whose nickname was “Tinka”.

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"Wow. This place is brilliant the food is amazing. The atmosphere is super chilled out and the staff is very friendly. I ate once but I will surely go again. I can recommend this place to anyone. Well done guys. Lovesimo!"
Tadenda Makwarimba

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Address: Ballantyne Shopping Centre, Harare

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Phone : +263 782 345 236

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MON 11:30-3:30pm

TUE-FRI 11:30 – 10pm

SAT 4:30 pm- 10pm

SUN 11:30 – 4pm

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